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Default Re: Affordable Care Act: Real Reform or More Bureaucracy?

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
Yeah, when I had someone do my taxes they said if you don't have a certain mark showing you have proper health care you will receive an added fine next year on taxes.

Personally, I'm on the fence about it. A lot of ppl are over reacting, it will not cost Denny's, Walmart, or Papa John's anywhere near the amount it would need to for them to act the way they are. I think everyone having health care is good morally, and preventatively. A kid shouldn't die because his family is too poor to afford health care, especially in a country as abundant as ours. I also think in the long run we'll save cash by catching, and treating diseases in early stages for undr $1,000, rather than waiting until it's too late, and racking up $100,000 in hospital fees. There's also things that can be done to bring down the costs with drug company, and medical treatment costs being much higher than they should be.

On the other hand, I'm not happy with who shoulders this burden, the poor mainly. Walmart underpays. When this hits, they will needlessly slash hours, and fire employees. It won't affect their bottom line much, but they will still fire many minimum wage earners. Meanwhile those not making 40 hours will be forced to shop for, and purchase costly insurance on their own. Many ppl are barely getting by as is, and the last thing they need is another bill, or less hours.

I think it's a good idea on paper, but not implemented well in practice. The income gaps, and cost of living will shift the burden on the most vulnerable who it's designed to help. In a perfect world drug companies, amongst others, would vharge fairer rates making this less of a burden on employers. Employers also wouldn't over react by assuming the worst before they read it, and slash hours, and fire to protect profits. Yet they do, and ultimately their employees will shoulder the burden. An article said Papa John's only need to raise each pizza's cost by 3 cents to cover the cost, instead they will fire 100's, and keep several more at 39 hours to avoid coverage. Yet that's their right to do so, even if it's morally lousy, IMO.

Well, Govt Run Healthcare is bad imho. People shouldn't be forced to buy from the Govt. I agree with the businesses, although I'm a ass who hates pretty much anything the two party system does.

40 Million uninsured in 2016 under ACA. lol fail.


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