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Default Re: Affordable Care Act: Real Reform or More Bureaucracy?

From the Los Angeles Times:

States Worry About Rate Shock During Shift to New Health Law,1731504.story

Insurance regulators in California, which has enthusiastically embraced the law, cautioned the Obama administration in a recent letter about "rate and market disruption."

Oregon's insurance commissioner, another supporter of the law, said new regulations could push up premiums for young customers by as much as 30% next year.He urged administration officials to slow enactment of the new rules.

. . .

And regulators in Massachusetts, which was the model for Obama's law, recently warned that although many residents and small businesses in the state "will see premium decreases next year, a significant number will see extreme premium increases."
You voted for it. Now you get to own it. And all the college students and people in their 20s who voted for Obama because he was so cool and black . . . well, now you get to find out what happens to your premiums when limits on what seniors can be charged for their premiums kick in. They have to make it up somewhere, you know. Welcome to math.

But don't worry: federal subsidies will help with lower income people (including those only four times above the poverty level), and federal subsidies are FREE!!

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