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Default Re: How old is Thor?

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
They're gods. They're immortal. Although they can be reborn through Ragnarok.
They're aliens, remember? They age, so they aren't immortal. And how does Ragnarok work in the MCU?

OP was on point, "The humans think us immortal" means they are not. Thor and Loki are ~1000, though it clearly has no effect on them psychologically. They just learn how to do all their monstrousness over the years. Thor needing sustenance when not powered doesn't mean much, but the fact that they have banquet halls on Asgard does mean that though.

If Odin ages about ten years in 1000 years, then we could reasonably expect the natural lifespan of an MCU Asgardian to be ~10K years.

Originally Posted by MCU View Post
Yes they are immortal in the MCU, he will not die from say aging I'm pretty sure. He can die in battle though, that's pretty much what Loki was talking about. Member in Thor also when he was like this mortal body grows weak, I need substance. And when his mother and sif talk about Jane they call her "the mortal".
What's the alternative? He just keeps getting older and crustier forever? Aging = not immortal. When did Mom and Sif talk about Jane?

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