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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
This. If Fox isn't stupid enough to meddle with Aronofsky then this film could be really good. He's gotten much, much better since he was attached to Batman Year One and there's more faith in him to do great as well as him having faith in himself to do an amazing job.

The key here is to bring out Wolverine's violent tendencies and explore them along with is emotions. How does this guy end up where he was at the beginning of X-1.
See, the problem for me, concerning Wolverine's arc as a character in the films is that things were handled so poorly in X3 and Origins, (worse in Origins) I just don't care all that much.

In Origins, we needed to see Wolverine at his darkest. In the comics, Logan was not a nice man when he worked for the government. He killed a lot of people, and a part of him liked it. It set the groundwork for his struggle with the animal. And then all the intense physical and mental abuse he suffered during the Weapon X bonding process nearly drove all his humanity away from him.

Once you understand this, we can see why Wolverine has such a hard time with his animalistic nature. The problem with these films is that this issue was either
A.) Never addressed, as the first three X-men movies completely ignored it
B.) Handled extremely poorly, as in Origins.

This is why I have a hard time getting excited for this next Wolverine movie, or the X-men first class film. It's because these films are connected to a film universe I'm not a big fan of. I was okay with the first two X-men, but Origins and X3 put a bad taste in my mouth. Origins more then anything. The only real problems I had with X3 were Cyclops, "killing" professor X, and Wolverine apparently channeling Cyclops' ghost and turning into him.


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