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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by T-CLIPSE View Post
Great day man he was the son of the man who invented THE MUTANT CURE, Warren was a mutant, he was written in to establish a link between a father and son who were on opposite sides of a war. Warren wasn't there to put on a uniform and battle Magneto, he was there to show the need to find acceptance for what he was because his father did not. He was there to show how the mutant war affects families similar to how a boy who is gay may not find acceptance at home with his family or meet the approval of his mother or father because he is perceived to be "different" or "not normal".

I'm not trying to convince anyone to like the movie because obviously everyone has there own perception of what's good and what's bad, however I really do believe that the majority of the people who trash that movie are just in love with Bryan Singer and just wanted him to do it instead of Brett Ratner.
T-CLIPSE plot devices aren't ways to make a story better. The same thing was done more ironically and less in your face and with more respect in X2 with Bobby Drake/Iceman's family so why do it again anyway? And therein lays the inherent problem with X3 it just copy past things of the other movies while leaving the heart and soul of what Bryan Singer Co. established. Not to mention they discard things that were clearly defined in the previous movies (ie: Where the **** is Phoenix's fire effect?).

Killing Cyclops off would have been fine if he had a much bigger and more important role. Instead we get to his death quickly he is discarded as others have said. It wasn't that his death wasn't a main priority it wasn't one at all to people. In fact eff that I think Cyclops should have had at least equal screen time to Logan in X3 otherwise the ruse that we where getting a Phoenix story (which have always had Cyke as the main character) was a sham to begin with.

Rogue was agian a plot device to have someone use the cure. Its not the fact that she wanted the cure that was bad it's the fact that she took it. The same storyline was shown in the 90's cartoon and it showed Rogue finding exceptants within herself without need for the cure rather than just taking it to be like everyone else.

There is so much wrong with this film that I don't want to go into anymore detail but some other notible things people may be mift about.
  1. Where's Nightcrawler? He and Storm had a deep emotional bond in the last film and what? Is he back in the Circus? Did he become a preist? Did he go on vacation?
  2. Does Colossus speak? They increase his role in screentime only which looses it's weight.
  3. Storm and Jean where set up to be friends in the first movies and it appears that after she becomes Phoenix she doesn't give a hoot anymore. Huh?
  4. Storm seemed to look and act like a ***** for no reason.
  5. The cure itself seems to be made into something hokey by the end of the film. Putting it in guns?
  6. Everyone kind of screams a lot to the camera.
  7. Wolverine cries more than anyone in the film.
  8. When Phoenix kills she turns people to ash?
Wow I litterally could keep going...

Anyway, I don't dislike Brett. I don't really think he is a praticullarly good director for dramas but I do think with comedies he's pretty decent.

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