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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I don't think anything that has happened with X3, FC, XOW or the next Wolverine film will have an impact on DoFP. It's an entirely different animal. Or at least it should be, if FOX handles it right.

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
However, if the trailers, posters, marketing resembles any of the patterns we've been seeing from the studio thus far for Wolverine and FC, we are gonna be effed up.
Barring poor posters (please, let there be none), I don't think the marketing will be similar. Singer is already doing a much better job of drumming up early buzz for the movie. Every celebrity and movie based website is talking about the returning cast members. Even Leno asked Halle Berry about her involvement on the Tonight Show, and we know there is most likely going to be a panel at Comic-Con. Plus, cast members, like Lawrence and McKellen, are sure to further highlight the movie throughout the rest of the year with the release of the Hunger Games and Hobbit sequels. Not too long after that, the real advertising should start, and I can't see Fox not taking advantage of such a big and well known cast.

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