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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Oh please. The letter list of the comic has absolutely no baring on this. Iron Man and Thor were barely C-List characters before their movies came out. Furthermore, the new Guardians comic just outsold Justice League, Batman, X-Men, and Spider-Man on the first issue, it's not D-List anymore, ala Disney/Marvel marketing. RDJ is hardly an argument to use here. No one thought he was right for the part when he was first cast, then we saw his performance and now he's this god who can't be replaced. For all we know Chris Pratt will deliver a similar performance. And please don't use no MCU movie grossing more than $500m other than IM and Avengers, because no X-Men movie has grossed over $460m period. And you scoff at only IM and Avengers grossing more than $500m like Avengers doesn't have wide spread consequences on all the MCU movies. $1.5 billion. Third highest grossing movie in history. Literally the entire first world was talking about it. A social phenomena we haven't seen since at least The Dark Knight. You're underestimating just what the Avengers/MCU brand is now.

Let's put it this way: the chances of GotG grossing less than $400m are very unlikely unless it's total crap. Like I said, MCU movies are like Pixar movies now. GotG is possibly getting a pimping from IM3, which has the potential to be a billion dollar film and reach several tens of millions of people, will be riding high off of Avengers/MCU branding, and will also have the extra boost of Disney marketing and merchandising...DOFP has absolutely none of this. It's hanging completely on the brand of X-Men, which again, has had no film gross more than $460m, hasn't had an event film in 7 years, and hasn't had a film that created any amount of wide spread positive buzz and excitement in nearly 12 years.

Again, you can't compare these X-Men films to any of the MCU films...they're on completely different levels right now. DOFP is not in nearly the comfortable situation GotG is just isn't. Am I saying DOFP is going to bomb or not do very well? No, I'm not, I even believe there's a good chance DOFP can get $600m if done right. However, it is not a given that DOFP is set on a pedestal and is destined to do better than GotG, not even close.

And I saw you mention John Carter...please do not compare that to this. This will actually be what it was marketed as, a space adventure. John Carter was not.
LOL the success of the Avengers will not have a big impact on Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe if the Guardians appeared in the 1st Avengers movie, it would but no, they didn't. No need to mention that The Avengers is the third highest grossing in history because thats just funny. And LOL @ the thought of guardians of the Galaxy's potential to be a billion dollar film! You have too much faith in Marvel Studios, but I'm telling you right now, sometime in this decade, people will get tired of their films and Marvel would go back to releasing 1 movie a year. MCU already reached its peak with the Avengers. X-Men has yet to reach its peak which is more exciting!

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