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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I'm sure they would but the Avengers' trailer showing up at the end of Cap America 1 didn't help the movie to outgross Originsy.

so I just don't see how Guardians of the Galaxy could outgross Days of Future Past just because its part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if it turned out to be a good movie, its not gonna be enough.
I don't know...why is IM3 going to gross $800m+ or Thor $600m+ or Cap $500m+? Avengers+Disney marketing and merchandise = deadly combo. Pixar films don't generally use a bunch of big name actors and directors to draw people and their movies still always gross $500m+ consistently. Why is that? Because of everything I mentioned above. It's about the brand, which is a staple of consistent quality and family fun, and the Disney marketing and merchandise.

You just can't throw that away and claim just because Gunn is not a popular director and Pratt is a TV actor that the film won't perform. Hemsworth was completely unknown before Thor, and Evans was hardly a big name. And it doesn't matter if RDJ was a movie actor before hand, he had a bad rep. No one thought he would do well or attract a crowd with his name.

DOFP being the 7th movie is not necessarily a good thing, especially when 2 of those films are considered to be absolute trash. Either way, GotG is the 10th MCU movie, and people will know this. So that point is moot.

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