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Default Re: The Official X-Related Questions and Answers Thread

Originally Posted by squeekness View Post
But really, by Sinister using Scott's DNA, that means Remy would be more of a son and less of a brother. I mean, Corsair had nothing to do with it. It was a blending of Scott's DNA with Sinister's own.

that would make Remy the first son of dudes......what I want to know is who was the mother?
Let's all pray for the next writer who retcons Vulcan out of existence hes ugly and has the worst code name .ever.

I like most would love for Remy to be a true Summers brother :
meaning corsair had an affair down in the Bayou-because I think Remy totally has his personality looks and pirate ways even more than Scott or Alex which Ironic since he never grew up/spent much time with him.

p.s I think why Scott's having a serious problem right now from what I observe of his facial expressions) is he's still grieving for Cosair (off panel evidently) and then mayb the loss of Jean if he's not a total bastard plus thinking Cable switched sides in which case thats just as bad as suspecting him to be dead.

I dunno the xmen are pretty cold-if u get separated from them like Remy or murdered like Banshee none of them seem to give a crap and yet that time they needed to go find the Baubier twins all of a sudden they gave a sht about Northstar + Aurora who hadn't been seen in an xtitle in fact here we are and no one knows where the hell they are now....

oK now with the questions. -
1. If a race is faced with no more babies...there's no couple willing to give it the old college try to save them from extinction? selective breeding of the most powerful couples?

2. Did Franklin richards ever grow up ? why the heck isn't he helping?

3. What's up with forge ?does he still have powers he's got to be useful to somebody in this plot..

4. I never read Xfactor because of the lamo characters even tho i love Multiple man who has untapped potential on a major xteam..
What are Layla Miller's powers what's her back story?

5. What are Monet's powers? I know her back story but what can she do?
comment:Why do people like Rahne? Useless.Her power is lame someone please kill her...

6. Where's the grownup Power Pack those 4 kids from the 80's?....

7. are Dr. Strange and Tony Stark really dead? These comics are getting too expensive to follow them all......

Im writing big because i hate getting a migrain reading posts on the computer so do on to others yadayada

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