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Default Re: The Official X-Related Questions and Answers Thread

2. Did Franklin richards ever grow up ? why the heck isn't he helping?
He's still a pre-teen. Nothing he can do.

3. What's up with forge ?does he still have powers he's got to be useful to somebody in this plot..
He still has his powers. He's playing his part.

4. I never read Xfactor because of the lamo characters even tho i love Multiple man who has untapped potential on a major xteam..
What are Layla Miller's powers what's her back story?
Layla first appeared during House of M. While everyone was blissfully living their fabricated lives, Layla used her wacky powers to make every see past Scarlet Witch's illusions, and remember how their lives should be. When House of M ended, Layla moved to Mutant Town, and kinda hired herself at Multiple Man's private investigation firm.

The first power Layla ever used was the power to restore memories. She hasn't used this power since House of M.
The power she uses regularly is the power to see the future. Or rather, she sees multiple possible futures, and knows how to manipulate events in order to get her desired results. Rictor gave her the codename Butterfly, because her powers work like the butterfly effect.

5. What are Monet's powers? I know her back story but what can she do?
She can fly, has super-strength, limited invulnerability, heightened intelligence, and telepathy.

comment:Why do people like Rahne? Useless.Her power is lame someone please kill her...
I like Rahne! She's cool. Redundant when around other feral mutants, sure, but still a nice character to have around.

[quote]6. Where's the grownup Power Pack those 4 kids from the 80's?....
Registered superhumans, but shifting randomly in and out of retirement, it looks like.

7. are Dr. Strange and Tony Stark really dead? These comics are getting too expensive to follow them all......
There's speculation that one or both of them have been replaced with Skrulls. No one knows for sure.

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