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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Nerial View Post
And Batman or any other iconic character would make a good example of my point, not just ST--it's not the actors that are fundamental to the universe, it's the characters.
Had you said James Bond, it would've made 0.01% more sense. The Bat-universe that started with Keaton and ended with Clooney was episodic. BF was a soft reboot/sequel, yes, but even then you have 3 different actors playing the same character in 4 movies. The TDK trilogy was a total reboot and a tied trilogy. Tell me that replacing Bale in TDKR wouldn't have been a mistake. Heck, people complained about Katie being replaced with Maggie.

But still, Bond. Bond is the epitome of an episodic franchise, even if some movies are interconnected (like Dr. No and FRWL, or the Craig trilogy). SW is one big, coherent (for the most part) universe and to replace the original actors for any reason other than death or unwillingness or disability to reprise their part is asinine, imo.

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