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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Again, speak for yourself please. Whether you're an internet fan or a Disney exec in marketing, you shouldn't generalize. There are many people who want to see Han's arc continue and conclude.

Feel bad 'cause she had drug and drinking problems, not because a bunch of fanboys can no longer fap to her.

That doesn't necesserily go to you, but: Why do people act as if those actors will play 30-year-old characters? Everyone will play the versions of Luke, Han and Leia where they're older. Same goes for Arnold as Conan. If you don't want to see the characters at that age, that's fine, but don't act as if Disney announced that Ep7 will be set 5 years post-RotJ and Mark, Harrison and Carrie will play them.
They want to see his arc continue as a cocky smuggler. I don't feel I'm generalizing when I say that is what makes him different from other heroes in the past 30 years. It's also why I'm against any sort of standalone film with a younger actor: no one does comes close to being as charismatic as Harrison Ford playing arrogant as Han Solo. Make him advance as a character, of course. But the less chivalrous he is, the more generic he becomes.

As for Carrie Fisher, I don't expect her to live up to the body she had when she was in her 20's. I feel bad that those expectations are being thrust upon her. Gravity, folks: it catches up to us all.

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