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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

I loved those parts too!
Hi guys, im new here, plus im new to forums. So bear with me....
So i watched man of steel for the first time today,rented on dvd, really loved it! Im a big fan of Henry Cavill, gosh hes talented and gorgeous! 😄 i think he really did the character justice.
...... So anyways, my cousin and i were watching m.o.s and in the part where after baby Kal gets sent to earth, and his dad and wotshisface Zot were fighting, and buildings were blowing up......and after some big explosion theres this image of a pair of glasses/spectacles standing vertically superimposed into the scene. I had to rewind it and pause it so my cuz could see it too. Did anyone else spot it? And if so, does it look like glasses or something else? Ermm, sorry i couldnt pinpoint the actual part. It just seemed like a weird thing to see at the moment.
Im looking forward to getting the dvd for xmas 😉 and cant wait for the next movie yay!

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