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Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Also I don't like the idea of uniting FF and X-Men. TBH I've never liked X-Men and other heroes in the same universe even in Marvel comics... why is it that X-Men are hated and feared but FF get their own damn tower and are considered celebs? Why is Spider-Man generally a well-liked individual by the folks of New York? Teeecccchnically FF and SM aren't "mutants" per se but using that technicality is like narrow-minded bigots hating people for being born gay but being ok with those who are "accidentally" gay.
Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
you made a key point.

To have x-men, f4 or avengers on the same universe and keep developing the hate to mutants would feel like a big joke. In fact, comics universe made that mistake, so its a WEAK storytelling decision.
I dont think it would be a weak mistake. Those things are being explored in the comics as we speak with teams combined of X Men and Avengers to make a point. Its interesting that characters like Tony Stark or the FF are welcomed as celebrities but mutants are feared because of prejudice reasons. Right now we have zero exploration in the films on what would happen if the general public knew mutants were saving them. There is so much these films could do there on the subject, instead of being the world hates mutants and thats that. Its completely one sided, with little to no insight on the publics views. X Men could work fine in the Marvel Universe for that reaosn imo. Plus if people thought The Avengers was an event could you even imagine an X Men Avengers crossover in the future. Audiences would go ape **** over that. You could do a full universe crossover event, while still having all the solo X Men movies. Its not like it would replace the X Men films or turn into the Avengers, we would just being getting a step closer to matching the crossovers of the comics. Its way too soon to even go Superheros VS Mutants beacuse the X Men still need their own developing but theres nothing wrong with them interacting with characters from other Marvel properties like Franklin if stories originally featured them for the time being.

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