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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 75

Originally Posted by dante2012 View Post
G.Godfrey that's your opinion. To be honest you have always been negative towards Henry Cavill.
Ok, this I wont have. Outright lies and false accusations. If you're angry because I exposed you as a liar who really didn't see the movie that's no reason for you to start spewing nonsense. If I had time I'd post all my dozens post where I supported and praised Cavill. But I don't so I challenge you to find where I was negative. You'll only find two, when TV spot 1 came out and this clip. The rest I did nothing but defend and support Cavill, even giving long posts about why he'll be a great Supes back in the ´´He's easily replaceable`` days.

So, two lies in a row you decided to announce. Any others?

Originally Posted by dante2012 View Post
He is not the weak link and is just as good as Shannon & Crowe were in thier roles. If Cavill was rubbish this movie would be ruined but he really surprised me how great he was. I thought he was good in the tudors but he was born to play superman and gave a wonderful performance.
Post the proof that you've seen this movie. Based on your post history and the fact that you haven't shared a single clue that you did see it is pretty obvious you didn't. Anyway, I don't care. That's all I'll say on this subject. And I never said Cavill is rubbish. And if you think he'll be as good as Shannon, well, ok then.

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