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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - Part 75

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
Of course, but someone picking on two lines out of context is rather ridiculous.

Folks did the same for Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle when we first saw short clips of her performance. "Fake!" "Unnatural!" "Terrible!" After seeing TDKR in its entirety, a whole lot of people thought she was the best thing in it. The clips weren't faked - we just hadn't seen what she'd done with the part, and the clip in context.

At least see the movie first before you start throwing barbs, yeesh.

Or at least 5 minutes of the movie. I only needed to see the 5-minute preview of The Happening to know how bad the acting was gonna be.
Well said, Anita. I love it when people express doubt and it ends up being the exact opposite.

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