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Default Re: What Nolan does poorest. Villain Endings

I've loved almost everyone of the villain endings (Except Scarecrow's in BB and Talia's lame death). And Bane's especially I love. I don't get the dislike towards it at all. He ends with a badass line and is about to blow Batman's head off, just to be stopped and literally blown away by a classic save the day comeback from Selina. Her comeback always puts a big smile on my face, like Han Solo coming back a shooting Vader away in Star Wars.

And getting a frikkin cannon shot to the chest is a pretty hard way to go out isn't it? It's not like he pussied out or got lamely taken down (like Scarecrow with a teaser). The moment was brilliantly edited and executed too, I love that it was not treated as some big ceremonial thing. The quick thing was more surprising and refreshing in a way, and Bane wanted some big ceremonial martyr-esque death, and I'm glad he didn't get it.

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