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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Thats domestic gross only.

Deadpool himself sells more then the FF comic book nowadays. And again What would you even call a FF/X-Men film?
And as if worldwide grosses don't increase ticket prices. And the Fantastic Four movies weren't as good as the X-Men films. But if they were, who knows what would have happened.

And the reason why I think FF would be more appealing than Deadpool in a cross-over film with X-Men, is FF is a superhero team just like the X-Men.

Anyway, after the X-Men movies, the Spider-Man films with Sam Raimi were my 2nd favorite movie series based on Marvel characters and third was Fantastic Four.

But since there's an upcoming reboot for FF, I'm not interested with the Amazing Spider-Man films and I don't really have a favorite character in MCU. This upcoming Fantastic Four reboot could be my 2nd most favorite movie series (based on Marvel characters) after X-Men. So if the FF reboot turned out to be great and successful, I would like to see a cross-over film with the X-Men.

And I would call their film: "X-Men & Fantastic Four".

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