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I would like to see the black suit introduced by the end of TASM2 as a cliff hanger for 3 or even a power up against Electro towards the end since we got a small tease of the locker which it could have meant something about goblin instead but if they used it as a power up it be the biggest keep secret and a shocker to me if they did I want Peter to lose control and come close to killing Electro not kill him maybe do the switch with Eddie at the end for the tease for 3 so then Venom/eddie are already the villain to start the movie off, thats if there bringing Venom into this universe to lead up to his stand alone and if rumors are true about Jim being Carnage, this way you don't have to spend half a movie introducing the suit in the next film if your using him as the villan, you can use the start to give that bad guy type attitude with Spidey then the switch to Eddie/Harry either with the bell tower and hopefully use the rest of the movie to let him be the bad ass we all want whip spidey around and play with his head for the rest of the film before Spidey either beating not killing him at the end or a team up of some sorts with Carnage kinda forcing there hands to team up, leaving Carnage alive with him as the bad guy in Venoms stand alone

I got to say listening to people talk about it and it being Sonys only superhero property outside of them doing a studio to studio thing to get Spidey in Avengers, they got to find a way to branch off Spidey for more superhero films none better the everyones favorite villain/anti-hero venom

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