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Originally Posted by Spideyfan117 View Post
I agree with this. In the context of the movie, his character did what he was supposed to do. But we didn't get to see him as he was in the comics. That is, he wasn't a naturally agressive guy with a chip on his shoulder because he was smart. His arms just augment his personality and makes him more dangerous. He wasn't a nice guy whose mind was taken over by his robotic arms. I'd like to see that in a movie some day. Either in the TASM series or in whichever one comes next.

However, I do like the idea of GG as the leader of the Sinister Six in the TASM universe. It just makes more sense considering most of the shady stuff comes from Oscorp and, ultimately, through Norman. That's not to say I wouldn't also like Doc Ock leading the Sinister Six, of course.
Maybe the first Sinister Six could be led by Green Goblin. Introducing Doc Ock at this point would be too much and could feel rushed.

HOWEVER... after Spidey defeats the FIRST S6 in TASM4, Doc Ock could be introduced and reassemble the group and become the new leader as the "master planner?"

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