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Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
Maybe the first Sinister Six could be led by Green Goblin. Introducing Doc Ock at this point would be too much and could feel rushed.

HOWEVER... after Spidey defeats the FIRST S6 in TASM4, Doc Ock could be introduced and reassemble the group and become the new leader as the "master planner?"
No thank you!

Doc Ock should be the leader from start. Green Goblin is not the kind of villain who'd lead a group like that. He could be the one that assembles the team to create some chaos, take over New York and defeat Spider-Man etc. but not be the leader on the field so to speak. Doc Ock, being the leader, could see his chance and turn against Norman or something, truly earning the name "Master Planner" on the big screen.

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