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Originally Posted by Jochimus View Post
Eh, I could tell watching it though that there was a Donner influence cracking through - if not Jor-El's whole motivational "You Can Serve A Greater Purpose" shpiel (not to mention him wearing the S-shield again a la Brando), then the Obligatory Nefarious Plan Of The Villain was certainly familiar enough: two WMDs sent off in opposite directions to reshape the world, and Superman can only go after one of them.
What I meant by no references was that it was not a "sequel" to the Donner films like Returns was. And there's a HUGE difference between Zod's Worldengine and Lex's missiles. Supes went after the Worldengine because it was the biggest threat. He left Zod's command ship to the military. And Lex only intended one missile to reshape the world. The other was a throwaway. I didn't see Crowe wearing the shield as any kind of a nod to Brando, as it's the symbol of the house of El, as it has been for quite some time. Jor-El's speech-come on. What was he supposed to say? It wasn't like he quoted Brando. You could find just as many similarities between Burton and Nolan's Batman films if you try hard enough; Bruce and Selina dancing together at a masquerade ball, first movie involves a plot to gas the city, Bruce learning as an adult that his nemesis had a hand in his parents' deaths, Joker televising his threats. None of this means that Nolan was driven by Burton.

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