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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Fenrir, the giant wolf and Jörmungandr, the World Serpent are the other two children from that union. Interestingly Loki in Avengers has the image of a wolf and a serpent on his shoulder plate and strap across his chest. (of course I a cannot find the up close image for this to link at the moment, but I know I've seen them) Which could mean either this is simply a homage to parts of the Loki legend we will never see, (although Hela could still appear) or that all 3 of these creatures may have come into being during his exile. I could definitely see exiled Loki eating a roasted giantess' heart to gain her power or something and then well, surprise surprise! lol

I guess a guy like him would have to be creative. his two kids he made "the old fashioned way" ended up with one being turned into a wolf and killing the other, then that one's intestines are used to tie Loki to a rock while snake venom is dripping in his face to torture him for being a bad boy. And his wife Sigyn stands by him with a bowl collecting the venom until the bowl is full, trying to lessen Loki's torture by collecting the venom, but when she has to leave to empty the bowl, he writhes in pain so much that earthquakes result.

I SO want to see the above scene done for MCU, btw (for the dramatic aspects of it alone), but I know we'll (probably) never get it.

Anyway back to Hela, I've seen her depicted as half dead, so lots of potential for gruesome makeup there, also I would assume she is a character that could possess someone? Perhaps?

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