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Default Re: Alice Krige as.....?

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Yes, to the Zeus thing, they could have it be like that, or tearing out of his stomach like in Aliens. Could see having a little flashback showing something like that with either just Hel or all 3 monsters being born. Hel could emerge and quickly grow into a fully grown woman, since there is magic involved with this all it seems there is a lot of wiggle room for explaining her age and how she gets where she is.

And yes, that is classic, and a particularly striking image from myth Loki's history, so that makes me think there is a possibility of seeing a homage to that scene, some MCU variation on it, eventually. Although I can't imagine MCU Asgardians punishing him in this way, but I can certainly see Thanos, or someone else who has a grudge, doing it. It would certainly fit the "you think you know pain. He will make you long for something sweet as pain" category, I think...

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