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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man: Tie it in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Originally Posted by Picard Sisko View Post
The big difference is that we saw Tobey going "WOO HOO" while swinging around. Andrew got into the costume while looking for his Uncle Ben's killer, so he wasn't there to enjoy it so much. But when he jumps off the roof top to test his webbing for the first time, he showed some excitement over that. Ultimately, I still say Andrew was superior as Spider-Man. But I do see what you mean about Tobey being more childlike.

Isn't Spider-Man childlike when he is making sarcastic comments and quips as he is fighting bad guys though?
Well, he is, but (referring to the car jacker scene) it's more like mean taunting than kidding around, he comes off as bit of a bully actually. I'm sure that it was planned to be that way and he had to be like that since he was hunting his uncle's killer, but if you think about it, Spidey is not exactly like that. I'm sure that he will be evolved as a character and be more comfortable with being Spider-Man, and having a more pure trickster quality

I would say that the closest thing to classic trickster Spidey was in the basketball scene, and there he didn't even throw out any puns! Again, in the car jacker scene his behaviour was affected by the anger that he held inside, but that's a plot point so I'll give it a pass

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