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Default Re: Character Battles DOFP

My Take

Xavier crawls as far as he can. Exhausted from his bout with Azazel. “Scott.” He says telepathicly.
Magneto begins to walk towards Xavier when from above a shriek descends below.
Xavier covers his ears quickly,Magneto slightly quivers but continues forward. Banshee maintains pressure,not letting up on Eric. His helmet is starting to give in to the pressure,when from above Angel swoops down,grappling his fellow X Man. Banshee moves wildly,attempting to throw the mutant off of him but to no avail. He screams down at Eric once more in one final attempt to stop him from gaining more ground on the professor. Angel wraps his bicep around banshee's throat. Thus blocking his wails. Without any way to keep air born Banshee descends rapidly to the ground. Angel begins to loosen up his grip, but Banshee latches on to his opponent. Mustering all the strength he can Banshee flips Angel over and the X Man from the future struggles to gain his composure as he rapidly falls to the cement below. Warrens wings flap madly and he begins to lift into the air once more.
Banshee himself is descending quickly. With one final muster of will he shouts high into the air at his opponent. Warren,by instinct covers his ears but to no avail. With his balance off kilter he plunges to the ground below. His wings bang against the side of a building. Then he crashes into a street light.

As he descends Banshee intercepts him with a mid air sucker punch knocking his lights out.
Cassidy quickly blurts out one more sonic scream which gives him enough air for a very rough landing.

Winner: Banshee.

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