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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - - Part 12

That poster is lazy. It's a snapshot from the last trailer with the city photoshopped in. Between the final posters for The Dark Knight Rises and this, it's clear they're not trying anymore with the posters.

The SR posters were good, the TDK posters were good, the Watchmen posters were good. Now starting with TDKR and MOS, they're just going "whatever"? They couldn't come up with anything? 75 years worth of material at their disposal and this is what they do? Snyder mentioned Jim Lee a few times in interviews. Why didn't it hit them to look at some of Jim Lee's artwork and take some poses from it?

Some of the manips I've seen on here that are great. You would think professionals getting paid to do this could put out better.

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