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Default Re: Catch me if you can!! Evan Peters?Quicksilver Thread

Quicksilver belongs in the X-men movies more so, in my opinion, He is Magnetos Son. I think they may address this in the 70s, as Peters can pull off a younger style, and Fassbender can be portrayed as older, they don't have tone their real life ages.

And It makes sense if Quicksilver does show up in Avengers, he could be older, in his 40s or so,(I'm not doing exact math, just guessing) and it would work out with how McKellan is portrayed in present day, being very old. IT works out in my head...

The only thing that doesn't work, is that If quicksilver really is in Avengers 2, and they are SOMEHOW connected.... it will beg the huge question to the general audience, that why aren't the other x-men involved? I say go all in, or nothing. Quicksilver can be involved with avengers, but not Wolverine or Beast? Especially since its all in New York, the existence/appearence of the X-men/mutants would be essential since they are such a huge button in society.

All in all, I don't think there will be a Link. Im not sure what Bryan has up his sleeve, it does seem more coincidental. I feel he WAS written in the script (and not a late edition) because the son angle with magneto brings something fresh to a Singer X-film. I feel like this was thought out more that we're led to believe either way.

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