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Default Re: Cavill and Snyder appearing at comic con!

Originally Posted by Serpico Jones View Post
I also feel that Zack Snyder is a better director than Bryan Singer for these type of movies. Singer has too much of a bland style while Snyder is a breathtaking visual stylist.
Agreed. I'm glad Return die off and we got MOS. Return is the movie everyone seems to want to forget ever happen. MOS is changing Superman for the better while Return made it worst. The suppose SR2 script having Superman kill his son to kill off the character is stupid and bad writing. Who in their right mind want to see Superman skill his child on the big screen. This would had killed off Superman and WB knew it was a no win situation with Return. Glad the reboot happen and I couldn't be happier with MOS. Now announce MOS 2 at Comic-Con.

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