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Default Re: Its that time again to rank the X-Men movies!

Originally Posted by Poni_Boy View Post
Get excited for both. Marvel Studios is doing something similar to what Fox is doing just on a bigger/flashier scale. Winter Soldier and The Dark Word are very adult oriented, much more than their first installments.

I'll leave it at this: It's only been 13 years since the modern age of superhero movies, when exploded in the early 2000s. Almost overnight studios were in a rush to one-up each other. SM3, FF, etc were all products of the demand of that time. Then Iron Man, Batman Begins and TDK rolled around and took a more mature look at the genre, but studios were still in the mindset of the early 2000s and didn't think that tone would encompass the entire genre. Now, as this decade rolls along, studios are understanding that audiences are overwhelmed with the bombardment of by-the-numbers superhero movies and aren't just going to be happy with seeing these characters on screen. WB, Sony, Fox, Marvel Studios.. they are all evolving their franchises but it takes time. It's been less than 15 years since X-Men came out.

That's probably why I don't go into any of these movies expecting perfection. The studios are still learning, and getting over the "but it's just a comic book" mentality. That being said I give tons of respect to both Fox and Marvel for actually looking at where they've gone wrong before and maturing their franchises along with their fanbases.
Yeah I agree with much of what you say here, I understand not ALL comic book movies can be "adult" orientated as they have to make money and get young fans interested in their franchise, plus it would be boring if they were all that way inclined too but it is refreshing when something surprising and unique comes along like this, you feel their is hope for a decent Punisher or Daredevil one day.

I have felt a little jaded by what we have had this year, not saying IM3 or MoS were bad as such, but they just didnt work for me in the way I guess I had hoped. But then not everyone will agree from my perspective its not like TW has got rave reviews from everyone but at least it feels like they are learning and not just making films with one demographic in mind. It gives one hope for the future

And yeah I am sure I will still check out other offerings, there is nothing to say Cap2 will not be something unique and be better than DOFP or something else I expect to be great doesnt turn out that way. Maybe Thor 2 will blow me away.

Time will tell I guess but at least I have a little more faith than before.

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