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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by Vaibow;26662831[B
]i agree - character is what i am hoping for, suspense, intrigue, rooting for the good guy.

I want clark to feel threatened by a mysterious presence, he can't work it out -it's almost like magic to him, that someone can use the shadows, surroundings of an area to evade detection. He feels almost powerless against it, but what can he do, tell the police?
I want clark to pick up on something, like a sixth sense, he zooms in and see's a shadow lurking atop a roof.. he ofcourse is in public, so makes his excuses and instantly flies there, but nothing is there, except for a rolling trash can lid, another time, he awakes at night and his window is open - we then see bats on a roof top he has bugged clark - that kind of stuff - it just shows how d*** smart bruce is.

I also want to see a pubic divided, superman saves the day but one by stander shouts out something similar to - 'what about the thousands dead, the children.. what about them?' it really pulls a cord. (I like this, but that feels a little to close to the NO MORE DEAD COPS! part of TDK)

Lex is pure political agenda, the NSA style army he prototypes is his vision of a safer metropolis - the tech he produces is the future - but the conflict there is that it is ironic that the tech to protect us is from the thing we are afraid of, so to speak.

I would also love to see the government narrow it down to like 5 people who they think is superman, due to facial recognition etc - bruce is tracking the government files and he too is on it - he somehow manages to alter the encoded file of the dimensions of superman's face. So when they try to match it with clark, it doesn't fit - therefore they will never find out who superman is and just accept he is not on record as a civilian - bruce knows though. (Ooh! Neat)

I'm trying to think of a film, as an example where someone is hunted and it's suspense - anyways.

I'd like batman to be in constant shadows, never in day light and never too close to superman - i would like batman to pull out trigger, his yellow utility belt rigged with explosives - 'one step closer superman and your work colleagues are ashes'

Batman comes off as a jerk, but he should.. he is testing superman - that's how they battle.
That's something I don't think Batman would say, though. I think he would figure out Clark's identity and then blackmail him or something.

And I'd rather Bruce Wayne's last name NEVER be mentioned, and for the character to be referenced ONCE before, but subtle.

I think Batman existing should be the plot twist, and flashbacks should indicate how Bruce tracked Superman down, after Bruce realizes how honest Superman is (I guess by Clark explaining that he was framed, and Bruce realizes that the evidence doesn't match. I'd also like Clark to say that he sympathizes with Bruce's desire to make the world more peaceful, or something like that).

*There are medical shows for that

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