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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by Xak-Ell View Post
i'm pretty sure he can. if they go the smallville route with it. MoS would have to find a way to introduce kryptonite though
kryptonite should be the element used to power the world engine - like a radiated rock, a natural battery.. like a kryptonian version of our plutonium or uranium etc. For some reason, it is mildly toxic to human, like i guess lead, but lethal to kryptonians.

Makes sense when you think of it - or... it's a piece of meteorite in a museum as having it 'land' around the events of MOS is just too fortunate.

Maybe clark could go check it out, to learn more about himself, maybe thinking he will find something at an exhibition and he finds he reacts when near a specific rock.

My casting for metallo - Josh Brolin -being serious now.

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