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Default Re: Can Metallo character work in a Superman movie ??

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
Metallo is who I WANT! He can be the Two-Face of the MOS movie. A henchmen for Luthor who turns into an antihero near the ending, but with a tragic backstory related to some accident (as John Corben).

Metallo can add intensity, gravitas, and DEPTH to the movie.

Metallo should also SEEM like the main villain, with Lex cropping up a few places in the movie, and being revealed in full during the last scene with Superman/Metallo and Lex in a 3 way stand-off of sorts
I rather Metallo be a criminal indulgent hedonist that's gets lured in with promises of power and a level of god hood that could rivals Superman. Then later he realize it was more of a monkeys paw type of deal. He become's a powerful god like creature that can feel no pain but he's also unknowing giving up his ability to feel pleasure. He become manic and wants it his humanity back but then realizes he can't have it back. That's when he lose it and becomes a lose canon with nothing to lose.

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