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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I thought that SHIELD was founded after WWII. I hope they don't force SHIELD in Cap.

I agree that BW could've been written out of the film, but I don't agree that she was useless in film. There's a difference. Whether you like it or not, it was her that unlocked Rhodey. She wasn't completely useless. But I like that she was in the film and she didn't really take away from anything. She served her purpose and I have no problem with her in the film. And with that logic of her being replaced with someone else, I could say that for many characters in many different films, so I wonder why people always say that.

I do agree that the attraction thing was pretty useless, though I think the editors did a good job of getting rid of most of the scenes that hint at it.
She may have unlocked Rhodey, but that doesn't make her really useful. What it means when people point that out is would the film be effected if they were removed entirely. In her case, no it wouldn't. Now, had other minor roles like Fury been removed, the film WOULD have been effected. He was essential to the father angle. However, she really had no true purpose in the film. When you're putting characters in a movie, big role or small, all characters should have a purpose for being in the film. Widow seems more like a distraction than an addition in IM2, and given for all her screentime she has no character and basically hits a few buttons, they was useless.

I am not saying that to make IM2 out to be bad. I like the movie, but her lack of things to do and overall purpose passed being hot is something that sticks out about it.

BR would definitely be lower

As a person who uses RT and metacritic a lot, I like using it for newer films. I'm not making up my own mind to see a film if I'm paying $12 for it and it ends up sucking. Plus, RT and metacritic are usually accurate when it comes to films with high and low ratings. The ones with average ratings are the ones that are usually toss ups.
I still say BR gets unjust hate. I like it. I don't use RT unless it is something I am on the fence about seeing, and even then, I don't let reviews sway me if I end up watching the movie. However, too many people use it as a way to justify their opinion, and that is not how you should use it.

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