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Default Re: Official Batman Titles thread 2.0 - - - - - - Part 15

This was one of the best issue of Tomasi's Run. He, once more, totally capture the voice of each character. His nightwing is as brilliant, and as in character as he was during his run on nightwing. The interactions were great. Dick killing the heretic was necessary imo. They were trying everything to save Damian in this situation. And he really had no other choice. Not to mention he probably feels guilty, because had the heretic not beat him down, Damian may not be dead. Of course, the Alfred part was incredible. It really resurrected the family. For the first time, instead of brooding because of the loss of one of his sons, Bruce shares his pain with someone he loves.

Also, Gleason's art was nothing short of brilliant. He brings so much energy and emotion in what he does. The only issue of the grieving stages i didn't like was the batgirl one. I need to reread the whole arc now. And I can't wait for everything Tomasi has in stock for us now. The batman and two-face arc, Arkham war, and his uber epic, that is coming in 2014... I think now is Tomasi's time. He'll really shine.

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