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Default Re: dchisholm's art thread!

Originally Posted by dchisholm View Post
well, the first step, i guess, is i make sure my pencils are super tight...
then i block in the blacks with a flat brush and india ink, then i get a bit tighter and do the outlines with a smaller round brush, then i use a really small round brush to do the tight details.
finally, i use a ultra-fine pen to do the really small stuff, but i'm trying to use that as little as possible, because i like the quality of the line with the brush much more. i am just working to gain as much control with a brush as i have with a pen. the first piece i did with a brush was the two-face one.


here's a pic of fantastic 4's the thing:

Thats cool!

Thanks for the info. I am starting to learn how to draw in the same type of style and just wanted to know. Do you think it could be done on like photoshop or paint

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