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Default Re: MCU: Phase II - Part 1

Originally Posted by MrAnonymous View Post
How about for Phase 2 we get this:

Iron Man 3 - 2013
Thor II - 2013
Captain America 2 - 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy - 2014
Black Panther - 2015
Hulk 2 - 2015
Ant-Man - 2015
Avengers 2 - 2016

It gives us two more films than Phase One. Guardians can bea way of keeping Thanos involved without him being the villain in A2 where Ultron could be the smaller more personal villain
So you'd rather Thanos not show up again until A3, which, by your 4-year intervals, would be 2020....? A six-year break between Thanos appearances....? Why even bother....?

I think a more realistic look at Phase II shakes out as:

2013: IM3, Thor 2
2014: CA2, GOTG, Ant-Man
2015: Avengers 2, plus one other film before that (possibly BP, Hulk 2, Dr. Strange)

Have Thanos make a cameo in Thor 2 (face it, Avengers almost *requires* that Thanos and Loki "settle up" in some fashion), be the major baddie in GOTG, and have a climactic confrontation with the Avengers in TA2.


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