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Default Re: Superman Man of Steel (2013) Alien Viral Campaign Launched!

So you want to just dismiss everything that was establish with Nolan's Batman just so that he can fit within a shared movie-DC-universe? Sorry that kind of seems like a slap in the face to me to have Bale's Batman or JGL in a JL movie with Cavill.

I don't mind a JL coming after MOS in the same universe. However, I rather they just make a JL film with a new Batman that fits that could possibly have his own standalone film after a JL trilogy series and be the perfect combination of realism and fantasy as with the comics and cartoons.

Just think how much time will be between these films. There won't be 2 Bats and 2 Supes at the same time. I don't mind Superman/Cavill starting the JL shared universe, but I don't want to see that Nolan Batman suit anywhere near it honestly. Nolan's Batman was great for what it was, but doesn't belong in a shared DC universe IMO....IMO lol.

As far as GL being in a Superman universe I don't mind because they have similar aspects anyway.

Just cause Marvel had success with Avengers and all their standalone films the last 5 years doesn't mean DC has to copy things exactly.

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