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Default Re: Batman casting thread for Man Of Steel 2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
I think he was cast in Interstellar and now some people are using that to justify the choice. I'm glad that there are some who legitimately think he's a good choice outside of Nolan's influence.
People were throwing his name around before he was cast in Interstellar I think.

Some of the actors previously mentioned (Hoechlin, McIntyre) look the part, but maybe lack the talent. Others have the right acting chops (Gyllenhaal, Gosling), but look absolutely nothing like the character. In my opinion, Bentley fits in nicely between the two. He's a decent actor (probably better than Cavill), and he looks a hell of a lot like Bruce Wayne. I'm not worried about his build. Snyder and Mark Twight (or some other trainer) can help him improve in that area.

"He (Batman) is perhaps the only genuine hero amongst them. The trauma of his parents' death is what motivates him and forces him to go on, but what makes him Batman is a decision. He took a decision to be a good guy, which is a decision in life not too many people make. He is a self-made character. He didn't get superpowers, he's not a cyborg, he made a choice to be what he is."
- Alan Grant
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