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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
It's kinda ironic that some people who are hyper-critical of Man Of Steel are focusing so much on the ending, where Superman snaps Zod's neck. "Superman would never do that!" .... ."That's totally not the character of Superman!" ....................... and so on.

Superman Returns changed the character substantially too, if that's the case. Superman spying on Lois, disappearing for 5 years, not letting his child know that he is his father, and trying to woo Lois again when she has a partner .......... well, none of these things are arguably things which Superman would typically do. There's a selfishness to the character in SR which just didn't strike a chord with me, never mind my other criticisms of the film.
First off, your argument makes sense only if the very same people complaining about Superman killing in MOS justify Superman's act5ions is SR.

I'm glad they took the risk to take Superman to the extreme of being forced to kill. I'd have done later on in the series but ok. Now, I'm not too sure about Superman's "official" code of ethics in terms of romantic relationships, but he was sure Lois was still in love with him (as she had refused to marry Richard and in fact marriage was a subject that made her uncomfortable), but as soon as Lois said 'no,' Superman accepted that and didn't try any further.

As for Superman leaving, there's a precedent in SII. But it's clear that hole thing needed to be much more justified.

As for the child, he was very young to try and tell him about his real father. Plus, Superman gets this idea that he can't get too close to his loved ones because they might suffer if his enemies try to attack him.

But, as I said, Superman in a relationship and his decisions can be questionable. What nothing could justify is Pa Kent committing suicide and Clark doing absolutely nothing to prevent his death. But that is not overlooking SR's flaws.

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