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Default Re: FAN MADE Stuff!!!: Show me your talent...

As promised, a few more. There are one or two others, but I'm not going to post them all. (Bit of context: the third image is a joke, based on comments made at

Btw, the issue of reposting recently came up in another forum. Here's my take: Yes... if you like a pic of mine you can repost it elsewhere on other forums, social networks, etc. so long as the work isn't used for commercial or profit reasons (is always free to view.) No... you don't have to ask my permission first, or even give me a namecheck if you don't want, so long as you aren't passing the work off as your own. But... please please please whenever possible give a link back to the original DA page for each picture; not only is this a little thank you to myself, but more importantly it allows the audience to download the true hi-res original (most forums and social sites scale/crop/mutilate embedded images.)


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