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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LOL. I have been reading this thread since yesterday. All I have to say right now is that I don't have a problem with the ending in and of itself. I am fine with Batman being happy. What I do have a problem with is how that was accomplished. I still don't understand why Bruce would just ditch the city to go live in Europe or wherever after the events of the film? It doesn't make any sense. He was longing for Gotham in the Pit. When he finally gets back and helps defeat Bane and blandsville (Tatelia), he just decides that the best thing to do is fake his own death (why?) and ditch Gotham (what?) to go with Catwoman (!) because she is sexy or something. Also, do they have jobs now? are they living off of stolen goods?

I really don't like this dramatic notion that Bruce needs to escape Gotham because it has only brought him pain and tragedy. Doesn't he care about the people he has been trying to save all along? "Well Gothamites, I know you have been through hell for the past 5 months, what with living under the rule of a nightmarish madman, apparently being unable to freely roam the streets and always fearing that one of these days someone will blow up the city, but I gotta go now. I did my part. Italy awaits!" It's like Gotham is just a generic city that needs saving. Bruce seemed really distraught in the Pit, seeing the news about Gotham. You'd think he would at least stay and I dunno, do something with the Wayne legacy.

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