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Not sure if you guys don't like this version of Robin, or just the character of Robin in general (some people do prefer Batman without Robin), but anyway you may have a new Robin in the Batman vs Superman film or in the solo Batman films. You may get the Robin you want. You will have guys like Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck involved, so can't go wrong really. The scenes between Ben Affleck and whatever other phenomenal actor they choose to play Robin will be mesmerising and will blow you away. It will make you forget all about that disaster that involved Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I am sure that Zack Snyder will find a gap in the scenes of explosions to show a scene where we have an in-depth look at the relationship between Batman and Robin, and the similarities of the past of these two iconic characters.

If Snyder wants the fanbase to be on his side, he will have a Robin who is happy to be Batman's little ******, er sorry, little assistant forever. Shouldn't be too smart, shouldn't show too much ambition, can't have any of that. Also, should never be the next Batman. He should know his place. Or, even better, have Robin be the next Batman, be shown to be unworthy of being Batman, then have him going back to being Batman's little assistant again. Would be interesting character development.

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