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Default Re: PRIME & MEGATRON..brothers.....?

Originally Posted by Golgo13:The Hitman View Post
I just realised something after viewing the movie for a third time; Prime did not want to kill Megatron.

Megatron was clearly standing directly over Sam, and Prime, rather than telling Sam to shove the Allspark into Megatrons chest, shouts "Shove the cube into 'MY' Chest, NOW!"...

When sam shoved it into Megatron's chest, Prime screams out "No Sam!"

When Megatron died Prime showed remorse towards Megatrons death, and eventhough it's hard to make the distinction between true brothera and just fellow Cybertronian by Primes speech, it can infact be taken literally.

Why would Prime scream 'No' to Sam, and rather have the cube shoved into his own chest? I would say that Prime doesn't take lives no matter how evil they are, but then i remembered how callously he owned Bonecrushers ass on the freeway.

My conclusion is, Prime didn't want Megatron to die. Why? Because they might really be brothers, in the literal sense.

Your thoughts......
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