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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Well assuming only consciousness can be transferred, or brains, to simplify any technicalities, then only Xavier and Logan are in play. So why not Xavier? Good question. Is Cerebro destroyed in the future? Is it only possible using Wolverine's brain/mind? Maybe Xavier is vital in the future and Logan is the only viable volunteer. Who knows? But a Logan switchup, pre-adamantium, escaping from Stryker, and finding 70's Xavier, seems like a viable plot to me. If we were stopping Sen. Robert Kelly's death, then maybe they could have picked any of the X-Men to brain swap, but they wanted to incorporate the FC cast, so they went 1973. I think the movie will focus on Logan not only trying to stop the inception of the Sentinels, but also conjuring up ways to change his own destiny and fates of his future friends in the OT. Maybe McKellan's Magneto comes to the conclusion that his younger self must be eliminated and tells Logan to pursue this action. It's just a good way to close the books on this story and start anew with a fresh cast in the future.
Your awful obsessed with starting anew with fresh cast and trying to make this film moe complicated that It needs to be.

Again Bryan Singer Is directing.If your going to erase films you don't hire director who started series.

Fox back In 2009 could have rebooted after origins.They made first a prequel that blured line between prequel and reboot.They are coming out with the wolverine set after trilogy and they have more OT cast members In DOFP than first class cast.

Studios don't give a rat's ass about giving a closing the book on series.They just reboot when they want and to hell with what fans think or want.

Some people tend to forget there will be some elements of the comic book version of DOFP.We were never going to get a perfect example of comic book
but it's fairly easy to assume wolverine's mission In past Is to prevent the events that will plant the seeds for Sentinles In the future.

Jean Grey's likely inclusion and Famke Janssen needing stunt double throws an entire monkey wrench Into what to expect with this film.

With bryan singer's compassion to the terminator you could make a case that time travel In this film leads to events of trilogy+The Wolverine but that doesn't quite jive with Singer's correcting some things comments.

If fox didn't reboot after the last Stand or Origins what makes you think they would after the excitement that Is building for DOFP.

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