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Default Re: Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
It's definitely not the Cage suit, the \S/ and neckline are way off:

It's definitely a design from the early 00's era as it seems to have the logo that was being used from the original BVS to SR.


Final Flyby design:

A Flyby design under construction:

There's a few differences, but Henry might not be wearing the final suit, or a suit from the original Flyby or the original Batman Vs Superman.
Well, I just assumed that it would save money to just use one of the old suits they have around at least for the auditions much like actors wearing one of the Kilmer suits for BB or them using a Reeve suit for MOS. I don't think I've heard what was done for SR. But, I can see how similar they are anyway in terms of taking some design ideas.

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Wow. So many done suits have been wasted.
Yep. But, it seems WB isn't let the designs to completely go to waist since some of those ideas are seen in the SR and MOS suits. Even seeing the black MOS suit made me think of the opening of the JLM script. Though, that may have just been a coincidence.

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