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ok im new hear so hello everyone. i was so frustrated at this topic that i had 2 sign up and give my opinion..... now how can u actually think that a ssj3 and i think i heard even a ssj1 is stronger than a ssj 4? thats just crazy..i have some points on why i say this so tell me if im right.

1. chibi goku took on ssj gohan and i belive ssjgoten while he was in his base form when they were infected by baby

2. ssj3 goku faught baby and baby wasnt even bothered by the attacks.

3. uub couldnt beat baby and uub is way stronger than freeza and is about as or a little more stronger than a ssj 2

4. goku took on cell and freeza both on at the same time in hell in his base form never even transformed.

5. ssj4 goku beat baby vegeta , even after baby turned oozaru and had a power up....

one more thing...if ssj 3 is stronger then why didnt ss3 gotenks fight the dragon instead of ss4 gogeta

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