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Default Re: Spideyboy's Master Poses - Part 2

Nice viewing your pics again old friend! Time has passed and you have not lost your touch for posing ML's.

I have been out of the hype for a long time spidey....but I still pass around and check some stuff.

How are things going for you bud? Hope everything is ok!

I dropped ML collecting once the Universe stuff got all the attention. I have seen the Bucky two packs at TRU but they are almost 37 each.... Wow.... I think I will end up getting them...but just for love for the line. Right now I am only collecting masters of the universe classics.... No other line. I will try to post some pics for you guys to see!

Talk to you later! God bless!

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Originally Posted by gdatruth
congrats... I really admire your collection and you were one of my inspirations to get into the collecting game.
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