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Default Re: What would you have done in the x-men origins:wolverine

first off i just want to address that X-Men Origins:Wolverine wasnt really that bad a movie... it had a plot, interesting characters and if it wasnt actually based on wolverine then it would of made for a great story.

But heres the thing. Too many fans peed off that the story wasnt like the comics or that cheesey 90's cartoon. Personally i feel what they did with the story was good... i mean you had to cram in 80% of how wolverine ended up like he did at the start of x-men 1 and it did that.

The only thing i would of done was not to include characters that wasnt necessary for the story. For example Gambit, Blob... they were just thrown in under demand.

--- Ok so what would i have done ---

Well i would ove loved to see Wolverine be a 3 part story, a trilogy of movies that is a story of self discovery and a journey to how he became like he did in x1.

Wolverine Part 1
> This story would be inspired by the comic book stories of (Origins) in which you would have a Young James Howlett, Dog & Rose as Kids, powers manifest and James & Rose go on the run. Rose acting as the love interest in the story. Dog being the half brother of James was left behind and brought up by James grandfather... As James now under the name Logan and Rose live a life in a small comunity. Dog is sent to hunt them down, making everyones lives a misary. The story would differ from the comics as Logan is outed as a mutant by the community, due to Dog's attacks. of which the they go to hunt Logan down but Rose ends up dying. Logan resents humanity and goes on the run but is met up by Dog who convinces him that because there brothers they are both in the same world and will always be outcasts.

Wolverine Part 2
> Would feature stories from the weapon x comics... Where you have Logan & Dog fighting in every war in the past few decades, (Much like the intro credits to X-Men Origins: Wolverine) The story would feature Logan & Dog becoming Wolverine & Sabretooth - and how they slowly become inducted into Weapon X by the goverment. Silver Fox would lead as the new love interest for Wolverine, which brings jealously with Sabretooth. The Weapon X team is pretty much then pulled apart by Sabretooth who Wolverine realises caused everything that happened in the previous movie. With Sabretooth on the rampage and killing silverfox. Wolverine agrees to the get the adamantum to stop Sabretooth which turns out as a betrayle as Sabretooth was working for weapon x and the whole process was to test out the adamantum bonding process and use him as the ultimate mutant killer. But wolverine escapes after destroying the weapon x facility. However learning that Silverfox is alive, he heads to Japan to find her.

Wolverine Part 3 - based on the wolverine comics were its based in japan sees wolverine up against the silver samuri. the story will see Wolverine in an attempt to rescue Silverfox, after fighting against sabretooth and defeating him but cutting off his head. The story concludes with Wolverine up against Omega Red an agent working for the silver samuri. It will end with Wolverine and Omega Red fighting and both thrown into the ocean where wolverine is inpaled in the brain by one of Omega Red's carbodum things... after the credits you see wolverine wash up ashore in Alaska.

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