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Default Re: Disappointments of the Trilogy?

Originally Posted by C_Carmichael View Post
Im going to add another one.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

How Tony loses the Arc Reactor in his chest.

After the "terrible privliege" speech that he gives to Banner in "The Avengers" to have it so callously removed at the end of IM3, feels like Tony's speech to Banner was virtually meaningless.

Had he lost it because of his using Extremis (as he did in Iron Man: Armored Adventures) then I would have been alright with that. But just having it removed, for the sake of having it removed, seems to take something away from why he had it in the first place, and the valuable lesson it taught him.
that's because Shane Black was not concerned with the impact his script would have on past marvel films and marvel gives it's writers too much power both on film as they often do in comics. add to that how weak Thor looks compared to the extremis soldiers based on how easy they destroy iron mans armors vs thor's struggle to damage iron man.

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